About Us

About Myopia Prevention and what we do

Smart Vision Optometrists are Behavioural Optometrists who have attained a higher exemplary level of specialised niche training in premium eye care and vision care. Our goal is to curtail the progression of myopia, or nearsightedness, in both children and adults, and to highlight ways in which the development of myopia can be avoided. Our highly trained teams, prevent, control and manage myopia using our proprietary wellness treatment programmes, developed over 30 years, with excellent and consistent clinical results.

About Myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a vision disorder where close objects appear clear but distant ones are blurry. It results from the eyeball being too long (elongated) or the cornea excessively curved (keratoconus), causing light to converge in front of the retina. Symptoms include blurred distant vision, squinting, headaches from eye strain, and the need to sit closer to television screens or the front of classrooms to see clearly.

Watch Us In Practice

We provide advanced treatment methods and thorough assessments to combat the progression of myopia.

Our Assessment and Treatment Methods

We offer a Smart Vision Comprehensive Vision Skills Assessment, which evaluates not only the classical clarity of sight eye testes that everybody is used to, but goes further to look at in-depth functional vision skills so we can determine the correct wellness treatment programme that is required. When it comes to treating myopia, we offer various wellness treatment programmes including highly personalised and bespoke Ortho-K, an advanced technology that improves daytime vision and eliminates the need for glasses.