Orthokeratology Sydney

Also referred to as Ortho-K, Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) or Overnight Vision Correction, Orthokeratology is a unique technology that uses custom-fitted, oxygen-permeable rigid contact lenses to improve vision through the reshaping of the cornea while you sleep.

This safe, non-invasive and convenient process allows you the freedom to see clearly without daytime vision correction, since the lenses are worn overnight. That’s right – no glasses or contacted lenses are required during waking hours.

Extensive research worldwide has shown Orthokeratology has the greatest effect on the slowing of myopia progression. More than a decade ago, several eye care professionals suggested that Ortho-K lenses could potentially be used to prevent the development of short-sightedness. This theory was later proved true by the Children’s Overnight Orthokeratology Investigation (COOKI) pilot study, in 2004, and the Longitudinal Orthokeratology Research in Children (LORIC) study, in 2005.

study on myopia progression published in 2015 fitted 26 myopic East Asian children with Ortho-K lenses in one eye and conventional rigid gas-permeable (GP) lenses for daytime wear in the other eye. By the end of 12 months, there was no change from baseline in axial length in the Ortho-K eye, whereas in the GP eye, the increase in axial length was significant. This means Ortho-K inhibited axial eye growth and completely stopped myopia progression compared to conventional lenses. There was also an apparent shortening of axial length, which may reflect the contribution of Ortho-K-induced corneal thinning, combined with choroidal thickening. This suggests that Ortho-K may be able to partially reverse myopia in some cases.

Myopia or Short-sightedness Correction Sydney

The Illinois College of Optometry noted that African American children who had their short-sightedness treated with orthokeratology experienced a slowed growth rate of myopia between 36-56%, compared to children who were prescribed contact lenses or glasses.

Myopia can lead to many debilitating eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma, which can hamper or threaten the patient’s vision as they age, causing blindness in extreme cases. Orthokeratology’s effect on slowing the rate of myopia progression in children may help to prevent the growth or development of any vision-related complications later in life.

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