Myopia Control

We offer cutting-edge treatment for shortsightedness.

Myopia Control

Harness the latest in eye care technology to help curb your myopia and eliminate the need for traditional eye wear.



Advanced overnight lens technology


Reshaping your corneas while you sleep


Ensuring better vision during waking hours

Take back control over your vision

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Myopia Control in Sydney

Controlling myopia is an important step in supporting and promoting eye health and clearer vision. When myopia is detected and controlled early in childhood the risk of the patient developing a serious eye condition is drastically reduced.

We provide a Smart Vision Comprehensive Skills Assessment to all patients, a routine series of tests that allow our optometrists to develop a clear and detailed understanding of each individual’s eye health. This assessment helps to determine whether or not the patient suffers from progressive myopia and allows our practitioners to prescribe a course of treatment that can deliver the most effective and long-term results.

At Smart Vision Optometry we care about providing our patients with lasting treatments for their myopia that won’t cause any further health complications. That is why we prefer not to use atropine eye drops, due to the lengthy list of potential side effects associated with the treatment. Our philosophy is much more aligned with a drug free approach wherever possible.

With Smart Vision Optometry’s myopia and short-sightedness control Sydney patients can enjoy a high quality of vision and level of eye care that comes from a team with decades of experience.

Control Methods

At Smart Vision Optometry we are proud to offer several treatment methods that help to counteract the effects and symptoms of myopia. We have decades of eye care experience and can provide personalised care to each of our patients, no matter how old they are or how advanced their myopia is.

Our practitioners can provide qualified advice and insight to help our patients find relief from blurred vision. We draw on a wealth of respected and peer-reviewed scientific journals and studies to provide effective and focused care.

Myopia control options include:

  • Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses